Friday, October 21, 2011

The Mosin Nagant: A Reasonably Priced Rifle

I originally wrote and published the following article in July 2008.

Most of us have noticed a significant increase in crime in our local areas. We must realize that this spike in crime isn’t a fluke, the crime rate is going to continue to go up almost in direct proportion to our souring economy.

As the crime rate continues to increase law enforcement will have a more difficult time in effectively combating it. What this means is that increasingly people are going to have to take responsibility in securing their safety and that of their families.

If the economy does get bad enough it is possible that we could see civil disorder or rioting similar to what we saw in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. And the prospect of this should be more than enough incentive for us to start stocking up on firearms and ammunition while we still can.

Unfortunately most of us don’t have the money to spend on acquiring a significant arsenal of weapons to protect ourselves, which is why I suggest for those who are tight on money to at least purchase a Mosin Nagant rifle.

It’s possible to find these rifles in good condition for just over $100 and I’ve seen ones go in excellent condition for $160. The rifle fires the 7.62x54R cartridge. This cartridge is comparable in size and range to the US made .30-06 round.

In this video a sharp shooter is able to hit targets over 600 yards out with his scoped Nagant.

The rifle can only hold a maximum of five rounds but what it lacks in bullet capacity it makes up for in range. A Nagant fitted with a scope can hit targets at 1,000 yards.

The rifle is very reliable compared to most American made rifles. However there is one slight drawback to the rifle which is that it has a straight bolt instead of an angle bolt. Some shooters prefer this arrangement over an angle bolt. However there is a kit available that allows you to install an angle bolt on the rifle. The kit costs about $60 with shipping and includes scope mounts for the rifle. You can pick up the Mosin Nagant scope kit from

You can purchase reasonably priced ammunition for the weapon from They have Russian made 7.62x54R FMJ ammo in 440 round tins for just under $110 with the shipping. When you do purchase ammo for your rifle make sure that you buy non-corrosive rounds.

Lastly, be sure to shop around and try to find wholesalers for the rifle, otherwise you’ll find yourself paying more than you want for it.


  1. I have owned a Mosin Nagant since 1985, I love this round (7.62x54R) If you look at a ballistics chart the 7.62x54 compares more to a 7mm Mag and 380 Winchester, not a .30-06.
    The .30-06 is a good "Brush" gun as it packs a wallop at closer ranges but falls dramatically at distance, while the 7.62 and 7mm Mag are "Flat" shooters (they tend to not drop as much at distance.
    I shot mine with open sights (I have 20/10 vision) and would hit a 5Gal. mud bucket at 1,000 yards in the Nevada desert.
    Norma makes the round and they are the best but pricey, surplus rounds are cheaper as long as you can find the non-corrosive ones. IMO one of the best rounds out there, especially for snipers ;D
    BTW John;good move on your part to Montana,
    I lived there for 15 yrs and love the place,
    unfortunately I was unable to find a job there for the past 2 years so facing eviction from my crib I took the offer from my big Sis to move in with her (she has a large house) in Surprise,AZ rent free.
    Surprise is right! its hell down here!
    However I do plan on getting back up there to Gods country when I am able, God I miss it.
    PS: A reloader is a great idea for this round, they are available.

  2. Not to be a stickler but how many city rioters are needing shot at 600 yards?

    Wouldn't a good 12 or 20 guage pump be appropriate?

    Then maybe something like a .35 for 50-100 yards or so through the brush, shrubs and such.

  3. Can it pearce a blue helmet?

  4. @ rogertsgt40

    I think the NATO forces in Serbia will find that out for themselves soon!

  5. Why ask questions you already know the answers to if you use some common sense?
    You dont aim for the Helmet or the chest
    on someone with body armor, aim for the face, neck,shoulders,arms, and legs. If that blue helmet peeks over his hide to see where you are you just make one of those 7.62x54's
    roll around Inside his helmet!
    And if they do happen to get close enough then you use your 12gauge pump, 357 mag or better yet, through walls your 44 mag.
    Also did you know that a 22mag can pierce
    some body armor?

  6. Which scope mount did you end up purchasing? I checked on the website you provided but there are a few different types available-some that require drilling/tapping.

  7. @ Bernard

    I bought the set which required drilling and then gave it to a gunsmith to do the work.

    Take care,

  8. You got a killer shot if thats you in the video. I have been buying some really fun old rifles lately and have been restoring them. I usually buy a lot of ammo for sale online and get it pretty cheap and in bulk. I'm having a lot of fun this year with my new toys.