Monday, November 28, 2011

150,000 Persian Missiles Will Be Thrown Against Israel

Iran’s Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi says his country will teach Israel a lesson which it will never forget if the rogue state attacks the Islamic Republic.

On Sunday Vahidi said Israel will have no chance of survival after launching an attack against Iran, because if an attack occurs the Iranian armed forces will fire tens of thousands of missiles at Israel.

“The enemy must answer this question, if it attacks Iran, for how long a battle and losing how many of its warships and vessels has it prepared itself?”

“Why is the Zionist regime making threats (against Iran)? How many missiles have they prepared themselves for? 10,000? 20,000? 50,000? 100,000? 150,000 or more?" the Iranian defense minister asked.

The minister said the US and its allies know Iran's incredible might and realize that in a war the Islamic Republic will teach the Americans what total war is and how real soldiers conduct themselves.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Americans Skip Black Friday to Help Occupy

France Working With Rebels to Fight Syrian Military

A newspaper in Turkey has published a story that French military advisers are working with Syrian insurgents to fight the country’s government.

The Milliyet wrote, as cited by IRNA, that France has sent its military trainers to Turkey and Lebanon to instruct the so-called Free Syrian Army. This group of rebels is operating out of Turkey and Lebanon, its goals are to wage war against Syria's military and to destabilize the country.

The story also said that the French, British, and Turkish authorities are working in concert with each other to send arms into Syria.

This report comes as an earlier report had exposed that British and French intelligence operatives have been working directly with Syrian dissidents based in a small town in northern Lebanon.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Nuke carrier leads US strike force into Syria waters

The U.S. has redeployed its newest aircraft carrier the George H.W. Bush to the Syrian coast. The government is also strongly encouraging American citizens to leave Syria immediately.

Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Use a Multimeter

Signs of a Collapsed Economy - Massive Waves of Foreclosures, Black Market Flourishes

Black Friday Stupidity

How to Get Started in Amateur Radio

Amateur radio also known as Ham radio is a powerful wireless communications medium that has been around since 1901. In the decades since the equipment used for amateur radio has developed along with commercial radio hardware. The creation of the transistor in the late 1950s helped lower the cost of Ham radios which allowed them to become more widely available. Other significant advancements include the creation of repeater networks and the integration of microprocessors into radio equipment.

Many Ham operators use their radios in place of cell phones and land based telephone services. This allows them to save a considerable amount of money on their communication costs.

There are three classes of amateur radio licenses; from lowest to highest they are Technician, General and Extra. The higher the license the greater the frequency privileges you receive. Before you can receive the General or Extra class licenses you have to pass the Technician test. The tests have to be passed in order because you can’t skip licenses.

To study for your exam you should get a copy of “Ham Radio License Manual(Technician Class)”. The book is very comprehensive and does an excellent job introducing the basics of Ham radio and all of the FCC regulations that govern it. The book is available through All of the exam’s questions are located in the back of the book. You can also take practice tests online by clicking here.

The largest national membership organization for Ham operators is the American Radio Relay League(ARRL). The group publishes a monthly magazine for its members titled “QST”. Their website is a wealth of information and it has a list of testing centers throughout the U.S. The site also lists local Ham radio clubs.

Club meetings are a great place to socialize and learn more about Ham radio and the many facets of the hobby. At the meetings you’ll find highly experienced Ham operators who are referred to as “Elmers”, these individuals are a great wealth of knowledge and should be engaged when the opportunity arises.

Ham radios come in a variety of types and styles. There are handhelds, mobile systems for vehicles and base systems like those you would find at someone’s home or at a local Ham club. Two good sources for radios and accessories are and

You can also communicate with other Hams using This site uses voice over intent protocol(VoIP) to connect with other Ham users. The echolink system is very easy to use and you don’t need any radio equipment to access it.

Amateur radio has many facets which helps make it a very fun and rewarding hobby. Many young people who become involved with Ham radio go on to make a career for themselves in the electronics field.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

US Troop Body Parts Treated Like Trash

Three Department of Defense mortuary workers have given statements that at least some of the remains of dozens of US troops who died in Iraq or Afghanistan have been thrown away into the Air Force’s landfill in Dover Delaware.

The three workers also stated that the orders were given to them by their supervisors. Their supervisors asked them to keep quite about the matter. Two of the three workers were later fired after giving statements exposing the scandal.

Several recent investigations have shed light on how widespread the mistreatment of troop remains has been.

None of the managers responsible were terminated despite the fact that investigators found a consistent pattern of “gross mismanagement”. The only punishment given was the transfer of two supervisors and the reprimand of a unit commander.

The Other Israel

The Other Israel was compiled after 15 months' filming and editing, this fast-moving, professional documentary will give you a unique education on the inner teachings of Judaism and the Talmud.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nearly One Third of American Children Are Poor

The U.S. Census Bureau released figures Thursday that the number of poor children in the country rose by 1 million to its highest level ever. This increase has brought the total percentage of poverty stricken children to just over 32%.

The Bureau released the following statement with their report to Reuters:

"Children who live in poverty, especially young children, are more likely than their peers to have cognitive and behavioral difficulties, to complete fewer years of education, and, as they grow up, to experience more years of unemployment”.

The Bureau has said the increase in poor children has been because more families have dropped below the poverty threshold. This threshold is defined as an annual household income of $22,314 for a family of four.

The Census figures are just one more statistic to reinforce that the U.S. is in a full blown depression…

The 5 Dollar Multi Use Personal Space Stove

A friend of mine sent me this video and I thought it would help some of my blog viewers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

“You’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s”

After being driven from Zuccotti Park the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are planning for what they call “a national day of direct action”. This day of action is set to take place tomorrow(Thursday).

The demonstrators have released a statement through their website saying they are planning three serious actions Thursday beginning with a “shut down” of Wall Street.

The day will begin with a protest in Liberty Square at 7 a.m. to “put an end to Wall Street’s reign of terror.”

After the morning protest the demonstrators will push out into the subway system of the city’s five boroughs. The protestors are calling this action “Occupy the Subway”.

They will gather at numerous subways stations around the city to take their message to the trains…

(WARNING: The language in the following video is very graphic)

Monday, November 14, 2011

US, West fueling unrest in Syria

What if life is actually...

Once in a while I see a video which strikes a chord with me, the following video is one of those. While I can't say I agree with all of the content there are several positive points in it which made me think about how important it is for people to have at least some happiness in their lives. I sincerely hope you find the video as enlightening as I did.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

US still supporting Yemen's Saleh

In the following PressTV report Hesham Tillawi discusses the reasons why Saleh continues to cling to power in Yemen. He also talks about how the U.S. government will continue to prop up Saleh for as long as it suits U.S. interests.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Riverview's Sorriest Subdivision

Tampa Bay has the highest mortgage delinquency rate for major metro areas in Florida. This high rate has wreaked havoc on the area's economy. In the following video Youtube user Econcat88 covers one of the many dozens of busted subdivisions which have contributed to Tampa Bay's self-destructing economy.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Obama’s Latest Initiative Will Bribe Businesses To Hire Veterans

In his latest publicity stunt President Obama has urged lawmakers from both political parties to support an array of tax credits for businesses which hire military veterans.

Obama unveiled a new “veterans' gold card” initiative in which former US military personnel would receive expanded service at career centers around the country, The Washington Post reported.

The US Senate is expected this week to debate the tax credit proposal. Over the last few years similar programs have been instituted for people out of work for extended periods of time. If this bill passes it will be specifically aimed at helping U.S. vets.

The tax credit plan is part of a broader initiative by the White House to coerce congressional Republicans to approve Obama's jobs proposals.

Glacier National Park Trip (Montana)

The following video is footage I shot on my visit to Glacier National Park.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BayNews9, The St. Petersburg Times, and the AK-47

In this video I talk about a recent news story which sent shockwaves through the St. Petersburg area. Please forward this video to your contacts.