Saturday, November 26, 2011

France Working With Rebels to Fight Syrian Military

A newspaper in Turkey has published a story that French military advisers are working with Syrian insurgents to fight the country’s government.

The Milliyet wrote, as cited by IRNA, that France has sent its military trainers to Turkey and Lebanon to instruct the so-called Free Syrian Army. This group of rebels is operating out of Turkey and Lebanon, its goals are to wage war against Syria's military and to destabilize the country.

The story also said that the French, British, and Turkish authorities are working in concert with each other to send arms into Syria.

This report comes as an earlier report had exposed that British and French intelligence operatives have been working directly with Syrian dissidents based in a small town in northern Lebanon.


  1. If Russia gets involved, Turkey will be toast. It is a small country and can easily be eliminated. they are fools to trust the US.

  2. @ Freedom Warrior

    Maybe the Russians will take over Turkey and re-institute the Byzantine Empire. :o)